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View 3D model

The 5-axis compact milling machine for dry machining processes, ideal for crowns and bridges.

A new design for a standard machine. Agile and precise, characterised by exceptional accessibility. DS1 is our response to the need to make the entire range of soft materials required for the construction of dental prostheses rapidly and with reliable results. The new Dyamach NC greatly simplifies the user experience, thanks to its clear and intuitive structure. The machine features exceptional robustness, a hallmark of all our products that does not affect the aspects of ergonomics and ease of transport.

  • Size and weight
    52 x 54 x h65 cm / 65 Kg
    20.47 x 21.26 x h25.59 inch / 143.3 lb.
  • Spindle power and speed
    0.75 kW / 100.000 rpm
  • Machining type
  • Collet diameter
    Ø 3 mm / 4 mm
    Ø 0.12 inch / 0.16 inch
  • Automatic calibration
  • Spindle tilt degrees
    A-axis 360°
    B-axis -180° /+40°
  • Removable rack-type tool magazine
    14 tools
  • Rapid loading / unloading
    Disc holder
Wax Dry
Pmma Dry
Anatomical bridges and crown
Bridge and Wax crown
Size 52 x 54 x h65 cm / 20.47 x 21.26 x h25.59 inch
Weight 65 Kg / 143.3 lb
Spindle power 0,75 kW
Spindle speed 100.000 rpm
Number of tools 14
Tool shaft  Ø 3 mm - 4 mm / 0.12 inch - 0.16 inch
Rated pressure 6 Bar
Blank diameter Ø 98±0.5
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