Two heads for flat diamonding

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Numerical control device for diamonding and decorating rings, bracelets, flat objects and
three-dimensional jewels.

The CNC system features a flexible, user-friendly interface. When installed, it controls two diamonding and milling devices fitted with high precision spindles the speed of which can be adjusted according to production needs. The vertical head is equipped with a six-tool magazine with automatic changeover and speeds of up to 36,000 rpm. The horizontal head, instead, features a complete rotation system and innovative, patented 6-tool changeover. The ultra-fast axes have a travel of 130 to 200 mm, can rotate 360° and can be positioned at an angle of between 40 and -100 degrees. The machine’s computer features a dedicated programmer that interfaces with a CAD/CAM and a simulator. As a precaution, you can preview the work determined by the configured drawing. Sturdy and compact, the machine ensures stability and easy recovery of metal residue.

  • Dimension and Weight
    cm 120x125x195 (h)
    Kg 1.500
  • Power Supply
    400V - 50/60Hz
  • Input
    Kw 5 (7)
Dimension cm 120x125x195 (h)
Weight Kg 1.500
Power Supply 400V - 50/60Hz
Input Kw 5 (7)
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